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When should You start The College Recruiting Process?

One of the most popular questions we get at Avail is “When should I start the recruiting process?” The answer is: usually a lot earlier than you think. Too often athletes wait until their senior year or even halfway through their senior year to start the recruiting process. This is too late. Yes, you may be able to find a scholarship if you start looking in your senior year, but it may not be the best fit or opportunity for you.

We strongly encourage athletes to start (at least) thinking about recruiting and the types of schools they are interested in during their freshman year of high school.

How to get Recruited and get an Athletic Scholarship?

Athletic scholarships are awarded by coaches based on their programs needs. This guideline will help you learn how to get recruited and be in a position to receive scholarship offers. The more closely you follow these steps, the better your opportunity will be for a scholarship.

Create a Target a List of Schools

Compile a list of schools that you are interested in attending. Keep in mind your academic level, athletic talent, and school preferences.

  • Always start with a wide range of schools, and then narrow it down as you move along in the process.
  • If your list of schools is too small, your chances of earning a scholarship may be very low.

Gather All the Contact Information for the Coaches

Collect the e-mail addresses and phone numbers for all coaches on your school list.

  • Resume – Write a professional resume with very detailed statistics on all of your past seasons. Also, include a copy of your high school transcripts and test scores.
  • Video – Have a high-quality skills tape or highlight video created and put it online. Include a link to that video as a part of your resume.

Start the Communication with the Coaches

  • If you do not hear from a coach after two weeks, call the coaches to express your interest in their university.
  • Respond to every coach that replies to your e-mail.
  • As you communicate with coaches, get familiar with their school and sports programs so you can ask informed questions and explain why you are interested in their school.
  • If you can arrange a phone call with a coach, make sure to prepare for it ahead of time. Learn about their most recent season, have answers to questions coaches might ask, and have a list of questions for the coach.
  • Do not ignore any e-mails or phone calls from a coach – you never know how your recruiting process will unfold. A school you were not as interested in attending at one point may end up being one of the few options you have to choose from at the end.

Attend Summer Camps and Showcases

  • You can’t rely on being ‘discovered’ at a camp or showcase.
  • Camps and showcases can help with gaining exposure, but only if coaches are there to watch you specifically.
  • The majority of coaches who attend camps and showcases are there only to watch players they have already had contact with.
  • If a coach talks to you or your parents at a camp or showcase, make sure to follow up with that coach at a later date by calling or e-mailing him. Make sure you follow-up consistently.

Know the NCAA and NAIA Rules and Regulations

  • Know all the rules that apply to you based on your year in high school.
  • Know exactly how coaches can contact you and how you can contact coaches. These sound similar but are two separate rules.
  • Read the NCAA and NAIA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.

Know the Academic Requirements to be Eligible

  • Register with the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Centers to be cleared for athletic scholarships.
  • Research which core courses you must take and the grades you must earn to be academically eligible; then arrange your academic calendar around those requirements.
  • Research which exams you must take and the minimum score requirements.
  • Read the NCAA and NAIA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.

How do I Improve My Chances of Getting Recruited?


Having a digital resume built by Avail sports marketing will dramatically help your chances of being discovered by a collegiate coach


Grades are very important to every college program. It shows your devotion to bettering yourself as a student-athlete, along with your ability to handling the rigorous task of being a colligate athlete. The more schools you qualify academically, the better chance you have of finding the right fit.

How do I find the right school?

The best way to narrow down the best fit is to make as many visits to as many schools as you can.


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