I didn’t start playing golf until I was 12, and made the golf team my Freshman year of High School.  So I was already behind the curve, but without any real expectations- just having fun.  My game progressed and I won a few tournaments here and there, but then played well my Senior year.  I won both the City and District golf tournaments, beating some solid contenders in the process (Hank Kuehne being one of them).  So I suddenly found myself thinking of whether it would be possible to play at the next level, but with next to no time to market myself.  This was back in 1994, when there really wasn’t much “marketing” of student athletes like there is today anyway.  You just kind of hoped to get the letters in the mail saying this school or that was interested in talking.  My coach did help create a demo. video (on VHS nonetheless…) that we snail-mailed to a handful of schools, hoping they’d take interest.  The process was manual, slow, and only sent to a few coaches.  Had I had a company like Avail in my corner, it would have been much more professional, and reached 10+ times the number of targets.  Who knows the impact that would have had on my career…  Parents invest thousands of dollars, year-after-year, on their athlete, only to “hope” things fall into place and they get to play at the Collegiate level.  Investing a small fraction of that in a comprehensive marketing program like Avail could help significantly improve their chances of taking their career to next stage.

Jeffrey D. Cummins

I grew up in a golfing family.  My dad was a head golf coach and I was always around golf.  I started playing competitive golf as a freshman in high school.  Golf was a great escape for me and I loved getting to learn the game and practice it daily.  I took golf as an opportunity and really tried to be the best player I could become.  I also made sure that I focused on my grades because I knew golf would not be my only way to go to college.  When I was a junior in high school I really had to start thinking about what colleges I wanted to go to.  I ended up going to Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX and became a member of the golf team.  Here I learned the true meaning of a student-athlete.  Going to Abilene Christian University was one of the greatest accomplishments in my life.  I learned to become not only a leader in the classroom, but also on the golf course.

If Avail was around when I was in high school it would have helped me keep track of important factors that colleges and college coaches would like to see.  Avail will be a great tool of getting an athlete, no matter what sport, to a college that wants them there based on who they are rather than what they can do.  With the emergence of so many youth sports now, it would be a great addition for any age to start as early as possible.  Avail is a great goal setting application that can help anyone achieve their dreams of playing in the future.

Justin Jarrett

Abilene Christian University Golf 1996-2001

The opportunity to play on a college team is a dream for many, but the path can be difficult. I was fortunate to befriend current and former players from ACU’s golf team while still in high school. My opportunity to compete at the next level was achieved in large part due to connections and relationships. The current environment for youth sports has shifted to be an increasingly complex and competitive arena. Avail Sports Marketing is a real game changer within the industry by providing technology solutions and a clear roadmap for athletes to unlock opportunities at the next level. Partnering with Avail to build, maintain and enhance the player’s brand will be a rewarding experience.

Jeff Wells

Abilene Christian University Men's Golf Team

I started playing golf around 6 years old with my dad. I remember knowing how to drive the cart by 9 years old. I played junior golf at the age of 10 to 18 years old, and I was pretty successful! I finished first in several during my 16 to 18 year range, and in high school I finished runner up medalist in my junior and senior years in district 1-4A at Pampa High, and finshing ninth at state in Austin in 1992 as a junior. I never felt anyone was recruiting me and I wanted to play Division 1 golf. I hit up the coach at Texas Tech and he never showed any interest or thought I was good enough, so I opted to go JUCO for 2 years hoping I would go D1 after, and I played great there and was a Co Captain MVP of my JUCO team at Western Texas, I was then recruited mainly by D2 schools after winning an event and competing against Chad Campbell and Midland College. I was recruited by Abilene Christian and Cameron U as well as a few more. I decided to play at Cameron due to a full ride offer instead of a half ride from ACU. I truly feel that if I would have had Avail market me, I would have played at a Division 1 school even though I do not regret becoming a 2 time playing All American and 1 time Academic All American in 2 years at Cameron U. I finished 6th individually in 1996 at the NCAA championship and led the team to a 3rd place finish. I really, reallt believe Avail will make your sports marketing dreams bigger and better for sure! I wish I would have had them back in my junior golf days.

Cory Stone

1993 Pampa High School | 1997 Cameron University Graduate


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